It Was An Accident, But You Need An Attorney


Injured In An Auto Accident As A Passenger? Know What To Do

If you suffered an injury while riding in a vehicle as a passenger, you may be wondering how you can be compensated for all of your medical bills. It can be confusing to figure out whose insurance provider's auto insurance to make the claim with. Here are some things to know about this unique situation. Situations When Your Vehicle's Driver Is At Fault Your injury may

What Factors Determine A Settlement In A Car Accident

If you were involved in a car accident and suffered a financial loss, you may be wondering how much you can get in court for a personal injury lawsuit. Here are the factors that will help determine the amount of money that you receive.  Medical Bills One of the biggest factors in an injury lawsuit will be your past and future medical bills. While anybody can add

How Overcrowding Can Lead To Injuries And Civil Litigation

Shopping is one of the most common pastimes, and most customers assume that their shopping experience will be safe. However, if there are too many people in one location, this can lead to a dangerous situation that can lead to trampling injuries. Also, some structures can only bear so much weight before collapsing. If a property owner doesn't enforce overcrowding rule

Plan Your Exit From Your Company Through A Buyout Agreemeent

Not having a corporate shareholder agreement can be very expensive. Without this agreement in place, there will not be a contract that determines whether the other shareholders will need to buy the shareholder out and for how much. However, with a shareholder buyout agreement, you'll have a plan in place for if you'd like to exit your company or if you have passed awa

Understanding Cruise Ship Accidents

You mean for your cruise to be a fun and relaxing time, but what happens when you are injured while on a ship? This is not as uncommon as you might think, and you might wonder if you have any legal recourse in a situation like this. What Are Cruise Ship Hazards? Cruise ships provide many hazards you may interact with because it is so big. You will find a variety of pe