It Was An Accident, But You Need An Attorney

Critical Mistakes That Can Compromise Your Chances Of Getting Your Rightful Payment After A Vehicular Crash

If a driver causes you to suffer injuries by hitting you while using the road, you can seek payment from them. However, you must meet all the requirements to receive a settlement for your losses, including filing a timely claim. Notably, a failure to do this, or making other procedural errors, can lead to a denial of your claim. Additionally, some things you do or say during your case can ruin your chances of getting your rightful payment from the motorist who hit you. Therefore, you should always seek legal guidance after a collision to avoid hurting your case. Your lawyer from a reputable car accident law firm will caution you against making the following mistakes that could make you fail to get the settlement you deserve:

Withholding Some Information During Treatment

Holding information back during treatment is a costly mistake that can make you fail to get the payments you deserve. An example is if you had suffered injuries in a previous accident but failed to disclose this information to your doctor. In a case like this, the insurance company may accuse you of being untruthful once they find out your previous medical history. As a consequence, they might refuse to offer you any payment. This is why your lawyer will ask you to be completely honest about any injuries you've suffered in the past. When you do this, your doctor can provide a detailed report of how the accident has worsened your existing injuries. This report will enable your lawyer to pursue as favorable a payment as possible for your injuries.

Sharing Too Much Information With Insurance Agents

If a driver hits and injures you, their insurance company might contact you to get information about the incident. Only share the most basic information when they do this. Nonetheless, if they pressure you to share additional information in an effort to trip you up or make you appear guilty, refer them to your lawyer. This will enable you to avoid saying something that the insurance representative can use to lower your compensation.

Discussing Your Case on Social Media

Discussing your case online may also make you get a lower payment than you deserve. For instance, you may inadvertently post something indicating you were not severely hurt. For instance, if a family member asks how you're feeling and you tell them that you are fine, the wrongdoer's insurer might claim that you were not seriously hurt. Thus, they may argue that you don't deserve to get a substantial payment. For this reason, your attorney will ask you to avoid posting any details of your accident on social media until you get paid for your injuries.

Speaking with a car accident attorney after a collision is an effective way to know what mistakes can hurt your vehicle crash claim. The legal practitioner will advise you to avoid these errors and others that could make you fail to get the settlement you deserve. For more information, contact a car accident law firm near you.