It Was An Accident, But You Need An Attorney

Why A Personal Injury Lawyer May Not Take Your Case

When you sustain injuries after an accident that you're not responsible for, the liable party should compensate you. However, getting your rightful compensation can be challenging, and you need a personal injury lawyer. Unfortunately, personal injury lawyers won't always take your case. Here are the reasons why your potential car accident attorney will reject your case.

You Have Minor Injuries 

Personal injury lawsuits cost money. However, injured victims don't invest in the case as most commercial vehicle accident lawyers pay the contingency fees. Also, the lawyers cater for different legal costs, including court, filing, and expert witness fees. Therefore, if you have minor injuries, the compensation may not cover the lawyer's expenses. Or, if the compensation matches the contingency fees, the returns may be minimal. Hence, your car accident attorney may not accept your case as it may not be economically viable.

You Missed the Statute of Limitations Deadline

Different states give you a specific period to file your personal injury case. Personal injury lawyers usually refer to this period as the statute of limitations. If you wait for too long before filing your claim, your auto accident attorney won't take your case because the law is clear that the courts won't accept your case after this period. Therefore, understand your state's personal injury case filing requirements, or you won't find an attorney to represent you.

Your Interests Conflict With the Interests of Other Clients

Personal injury lawyers usually follow a strict code of ethics that influences their service delivery. One of the codes expects lawyers to avoid cases with conflicts of interest. If taking your case would hurt another client's interests, the car accident attorney you want to hire may not take your case. For instance, if you're going to sue a liable party that your potential lawyer represents, the lawyer won't accept your case.

Your Case Is Complex

Some cases are easy to prove, and personal injury attorneys quickly close them. However, your case may be too complex, requiring more legal resources and time. While some lawyers are up to the challenge, others may avoid such cases as it may be challenging to provide proof of liability. If your case is complicated, your car accident attorney may turn down your case.

The common reasons a car accident attorney may not take your case include missing the statute of limitations deadline, having minor injuries, having a complex case, and the presence of a conflict of interest. Expect your potential personal injury attorney to reject your case for these reasons.