It Was An Accident, But You Need An Attorney

Attractive Legal Options That A Car Accident Attorney Can Provide

When you are in a wreck that leaves you with grave injuries, you may not have to bear the burden of your recovery on your own. In fact, if you did not cause the wreck, you may have numerous legal options available to you.

To ensure that you can recoup all of the compensation that you are entitled to, you need to hire an experienced lawyer to represent you. You can benefit by putting a knowledgeable car accident attorney on retainer to take your case.

Filing a Lawsuit

Your first option to regain some or all of the money that you are entitled to involves filing a lawsuit against the person that caused the wreck. The person who is responsible for your accident may not be entirely forthcoming with compensation for your damages. They may even withhold their insurance information from you 

Rather than confront that person on your own, you can have your car accident attorney file a lawsuit against them. The lawsuit can not only compel this person to hand over their insurance policy details. It can also lead to the court putting a lien on this person's income and assets to pay you for the damage and injuries that you incurred because of the wreck.

Going for a Settlement

Another legal option that you have to recover money that you are entitled to is a settlement from the responsible party. The person who caused the wreck, as well as their insurer, may not want to go to court and face off against you in a trial. They may know that you have enough evidence against them to get a large judgment for your damages.

Instead of risking a judgment order from the court, the responsible party and their insurer may offer you a settlement. The settlement can be close to or all of what the court may award you in a judgment. It may also fairly compensate you for your accident-related expenses, such as medical costs, repair bills and lost income, and provide you a financial cushion during your recovery.

A car accident attorney can provide you with valuable legal options after a serious wreck. They can assist you in filing a lawsuit and pursuing a judgment in court. Your lawyer can also work out a settlement to recover damages for you. Reach out to a car accident attorney in your area to see if you have a case.