It Was An Accident, But You Need An Attorney

Allowing an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer to Pursue a Judgment

Owners of hauling companies are responsible for the actions of their drivers. They especially can be held liable if or when their drivers cause wrecks. However, to hold one of these owners liable, you need to retain an attorney who has the experience and skill to take legal action. You can benefit by working with a truck accident lawyer after getting in a wreck with a commercial driver.

1. Filing for a Judgment

The owners of hauling companies and their insurers may not entirely forthcoming with compensation. In fact, they may try to offer the lowest amount of compensation possible in a bid to get you to drop your case.

However, your truck accident lawyer knows that you can win more in court. They can file a lawsuit in court to seek more than what the company owner and their insurer are willing to offer you.

Your attorney can persuade the court to find in your favor by presenting evidence showing that you were the victim, rather than the cause, of the accident. HIs or her arguments can convince the judge or jury to award you thousands of dollars more than what the company owner and insurer were willing to offer you.

2. Accepting a Settlement

Insurance companies know that courts typically award large judgments against defendants in lawsuits. To keep your case out of court, the insurer may advise the company's owner to offer you a settlement. However, it can be vital that you do not accept the first offer that the insurance company or the owner of the trucking business offers you. You need to make sure that it is on par with what you could have won in a court judgment. You also need to make sure that it can fairly compensate you for your monetary and punitive losses.

Your truck accident lawyer can vet the offer and negotiate a higher amount if needed. They will make sure that your financial and punitive best interests are taken care of with any settlement that the company owner or his or her insurer offers to you.

An experienced truck accident lawyer can provide several crucial benefits to wreck victims like you. They can file a lawsuit to pursue a judgment from the judge or jury. Your attorney can also negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. To learn more about how to handle your case, contact a local law firm.