It Was An Accident, But You Need An Attorney

Reasons To Retain A Personal Injury Attorney After An Auto Accident

A car wreck can cause devastating damages to your life. Not only can it total your vehicle and leave you without a way to drive to and from work or school, but it can also inflict especially debilitating injuries from which you may not ever fully recover.

As devastating as your auto accident is, however, it does leave you with legal recourse to take against the person who caused it. You can take that action immediately by hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you in your auto accident case.

Assigning Proper Blame for the Accident

When you retain a lawyer after an auto accident, you can assign rightful blame for what happened. The party who caused the wreck may try to blame you. However, when you have an attorney on retainer, you can deflect that blame and instead assign it to the right person by using evidence in your favor.

Your attorney can get copies of the accident and reconstruction reports, as well as surveillance footage and dashcam film. All of this proof can show what happened before and during the wreck and prove that you were not the one to cause it.

The evidence can also be used to compel the rightful party to compensate you for your damages. He or she may agree to pay for your damages because of the proof that your attorney obtains to prove your case.

Filing a Timely Lawsuit

Your personal injury attorney can also file a lawsuit if the responsible party and his or her insurer do not agree to pay your claims. Your lawyer may be compelled to file this action to have a court settle your case. He or she may need the input of a judge to say that you are entitled to compensation and that the insurance company or the responsible party is legally liable for paying it.

The lawsuit may prompt the responsible party and his or her insurer to settle with you, however. Your personal injury attorney can work out a settlement that compensates you fairly for the damages sustained in the auto accident. You can recover compensation for medical and repair bills, as well as punitive damages.

A personal injury attorney can be a valuable ally to have on retainer after an auto accident. He or she can obtain proof to show what really happened. Your lawyer can also file a lawsuit in court or work out a settlement.