It Was An Accident, But You Need An Attorney

Seeking Compensation For Your Injuries After An Improper Left-Hand Turn

Making a left turn can be tricky, especially when a driver is trying to cross busy traffic. Some drivers attempt a left turn when it's too early, and this often leads to the driver colliding with another vehicle. If you are struck by a car making a left turn, make sure to remain calm and contact the authorities. After the incident, make sure to contact a personal injury attorney if you're hurt.

Accidents Caused By a Car Making a Left Turn

Anyone who is making a left turn is required to be cautious and yield to any other vehicles. The vehicle making the turn is responsible for any accidents that occur as a result of improperly turning. However, the other driver might dispute the events that lead up to the crash so you should make sure to work with a personal injury lawyer who is experienced with these types of cases.

An illegal U-turn is one common cause of car accidents. The U-turn can cause other motorists to become confused and some drivers recklessly make a U-turn when other drivers are not able to stop fast enough. The driver performing the U-turn is responsible for the accident.

The Road to Recovery

After you are injured, you will want to focus on recovering as soon as possible. The last thing you want is for your attention to be focused on your legal case as well. Fortunately, your personal injury lawyer will be able to handle all aspects of the case and give you a sense of how to move forward with your case.

The personal injury lawyer will need to gather evidence to support your version of the events. This will include evidence that the other driver was performing an illegal U-turn with the help of witnesses and experts who can reconstruct the accident. Also, there might be specific facts that will clearly indicate that the driver's actions were illegal such as a "no U-turn" sign or a "no turn" sign. Witnesses might recount that the driver did not use their turn-signal while turning, turned very abruptly, was turning very slowly, or failed to come to a complete stop at a traffic light.

Once you have proven that the other driver was at fault for the accident, you and your attorney can decide whether to pursue a settlement with the other driver's insurance provider or whether you would be better off taking your case to court.

For more information, reach out to a personal injury lawyer today.