It Was An Accident, But You Need An Attorney

3 Things Not To Say After You Have Been In An Accident

Following an auto collision, the insurer may get in touch with you for a statement regarding the accident. While the insurance adjuster may seem sympathetic, any comments that you make while taking to the adjuster can and often will be used against you in the future. If you have been injured in an accident as a result of another person's negligence, it is important that you avoid making certain remarks. Keep reading to learn three of them.

It Was Your Fault

Many of the states in the U.S., such as New York, have a no-fault insurance system that requires insured auto drivers to file insurance claims against their own individual auto insurance company. However, this does not mean that you are unable to hold the responsible driver liable for damages that exceed a specific amount. To ensure that your rights are protected, it is imperative that you do not claim any responsibility for the auto accident or apologize in any shape or form. When you talk to the adjuster and begin describing the accident, you will want to only focus on the facts and avoid any kind of interpretation.

You Are Okay

A lot of people will downplay their pain and discomfort in an effort to be polite. However, in a number of cases, your injuries may not emerge to their full extent for several days following the actual accident. If you have already informed the insurance agent that you did not suffer any injuries in the accident, they may end up disputing liability for any damages. Before you speak to the insurer, it is a good idea to see a physician to make certain that you have all the details surrounding your condition.

You Don't Have a Lawyer

Prior to talking to the insurance company, it is recommended that you schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer who has the experience and expertise to assist you in understanding your individual rights and circumstance. Insurance adjusters tend to make settlement offers that are far below the amount that victims are entitled to and may even refuse to negotiate with those who do not have legal representation. A personal injury attorney will have the expertise and resources to discuss the situation with the insurer on your behalf and ensure that the value of the claim is maximized.

If you would like to learn more, contact a personal injury attorney in your area.