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Injured On The Job? 2 Questions About Workers' Compensation

Were you in a situation where you were injured while on the job and not sure what to do? This type of situation is what workers' compensation is designed for. It can help give you the money to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and get you back on the road to recovery. Here are some questions that you may have if you are injured on the job.

Can You See Your Own Doctor?

One thing to keep in mind about using workers' compensation is that there are restrictions when it comes to which doctors you can visit to receive treatment. Think of using workers' compensation as if you were using a new health insurance provider that has their own network of doctors. You must see a doctor within their coverage network, or the service will not be covered and you'll have to use your own health insurance to pay for treatment. 

However, there are situations where you can see your own doctor and still receive benefits. Start by asking the workers' compensation insurance provider for approval to see your own doctor, which they may or may not grant. The other situation will only happen if your workers' compensation claim is denied. You will then continue to see your own doctors for treatments and will have to work with a workers' compensation lawyer to get the medical benefits from the insurance provider that you deserve. 

Can You Settle A Workers' Compensation Case?

It can be difficult to deal with a work-related injury, especially if it will affect you for the rest of your life. If you have suffered a long-term injury, there will likely be a point where the workers' compensation insurance provider will decide to settle the claim with you. This could include giving you a large lump-sum settlement to cover all of your past and future medical bills or establishing a payment plan to cover your bills. You always have the option to accept the offer or negotiate for a bigger settlement, which will require the help of a workers' compensation lawyer to reach an agreement. 

If you are worried that you will not receive the compensation you deserve in your workers' compensation case, then be sure to work with a lawyer from the very beginning. They'll be able to walk you through the entire process, answer questions as they come up, and be your personal advocate in a situation you are unfamiliar with.