It Was An Accident, But You Need An Attorney

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Social Security Disability Attorney For Your Case

It's possible that you have found out you are unable to work. This could be due to an accident or an illness and it could be unclear how long you will have to stay at home. You still need to bring in some form of income to survive and this is where filing for Social Security Disability benefits should be forefront on your mind.

While you can file for benefits on your own, it's always a good idea to hire a Social Security Disability Attorney to help you with your claim. Here are some top reasons why you need to hire a lawyer to help as soon as possible.

Preparing Your Documentation And Claim

There is a lot of documentation that goes into filing for Social Security benefits and it can be easy to miss something if you have never done it before. Instead of trying to navigate the forms and gathering all the documentation on your own, a Social Security Disability attorney can help you with gathering all relevant information you need and help you fill out the forms.

Your lawyer will know exactly what documentation you will need and can help get you access to those documents from your doctor and your place of employment. They will help you fill out the application form and ensure you have disclosed every piece of information required to minimize the risk of your claim being rejected.

Filing Of Appeals If Your Claim Is Rejected

It may happen that your Social Security Disability claim is rejected. This can be for a number of reasons, and it's difficult sometimes to understand it without the help of a Social Security Disability attorney. Your attorney can go over why your claim was rejected to see if any mistakes were made or discover the reason why Social Security chose to reject your claim if no mistakes were made.

A Social Security Disability attorney can help you file an appeal. They will know when the deadlines are for filing an appeal and what information and documentation to provide to help get the rejection overturned.

It's possible it may take several appeals to get the rejection overturned, but your Social Security Disability attorney will be with you every step of the way.

You Are Represented At Any Hearing

You will most likely receive a hearing so you can speak to a judge about your case. While you certainly can go to the hearing on your own, it's not advised to do so.

A Social Security Disability attorney has experience, knowledge and training to handle a hearing related to obtaining Social Security Disability benefits and knows what the judge needs to hear to make their ruling.

Your lawyer can work with you to prepare you for the hearing with example questions you may be asked. They can help coach you on how to answer them. They can also give an explanation on how the process works.